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Enter the information below and mark the volunteer assignments you are most interested in. Once you're ready, press the "Volunteer" button to get added to our system. An email will then be sent to you as a reminder and the Race Director will contact you on the specifics when the date approaches race time.

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Preferred Assignments (number in parentheses is the number needed)
Registration Check-in (5)Body Marking (2)National Anthem (sing or play) (1)
Accounting for swimmers going in & out of water (4)Setup (5)Tear down (5)
Course setup (water) (2)Course setup (grounds) (4)T-Shirt sales table (2)
Announcer (1)Rowers for rowboats (8)Kayakers (kayak, safety equipment and yourself) (10)
Rowboats (5)Lifeguards (certified) (8)Lifeguards (waterfront certified) (5)
Officials (turn judges, finish judges, inspectors, starter) (6)Food table (2)Donate food (20)
Removal of timing chips at finish (2)Assisting swimmers out of water (4)

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